Back to School

Can you believe that it is September already? Where has the time gone? Teachers come on into the library and get ready for the school year and browse our Education section of the library. We have a variety of books for teaching, even homeschooling; special education, for elementary teachers and secondary school teachers. Take a look at this link to preview what we have before you come in.




I’d like to te…

I’d like to tell you about a wonderful website for nonprofits. It is called Grantspace. I personally love it. Virtually any question you have about grants you can find on this website. You can also watch webinars, chat with other nonprofits, watch videos, you name it. It’s really great. It is put together through the foundation center and but it is more of a social media web site. Take a look when you get a chance.

Small Business Books

We have a Small Business Center which has several reference books, but we also have books you can check out on the topic.  Check out our Small Business Center when you come  to the fourth floor of our library on 115 South Avenue.  If you are thinking of starting a small business we may have books that can help you!



Free money???

In the last year I just started finding out about grants, as I am the grants information center librarian. Everyone seems to think there is all this “free money” there and they look very disappointed when I tell them that our Grants Information Center is mostly for Non-profits. As anything labeled free money is really just a scam.  I discovered this great blog called “Free Money Ate my Brain  . it is written by a librarian in Toledo Ohio and she also created this website called http:// Both of these resources are quite insightful. Take a look.



Reference USA features

We now have access through Reference Usa to a business directory that includes Canadian residences and businesses. We also have access to a U.S. Healthcare database. This includes over 855,000 physicians & dentists. Come on in to the Business and Social Sciences Division on the fourth floor of the Bausch and Lomb Public Library building to check out these new features. This is not available through remote access; only in the library.