Democrat and Chronicle

Did you know that we have access to the Democrat and Chronicle online available through Proquest. The database is full text from 2002 to the present. The Central Library has access to this database; it can be accessed from the library only. Business & Social Sciences maintains a clippings file on current topics in Rochester. We also have corporation files of businesses in the Rochester area that includes specific articles that have appeared in the Democrat and Chronicle. This can be very helpful, because many times it is the only source of information on a business. We sometimes have people come in to use these before a job interview or just to find additional information out about a company.

Tax Forms

It’s that time again and the library can help you out during Tax Season. We have Tax forms, many of the most common type forms. Also, if we don’t have the form you are looking for, we can print it out off of the IRS website or from the website of the New York State Department of Taxation.  It’s twenty cents a page to print out forms, we don’t print out publications, but we can print out the forms. The link below should help you figiure out everything you need about Taxes!