Taxes are due in less than a month and we have the resources to help you in the Business & Social Sciences Division. We have forms, books to help you with your taxes, and information about stocks.  Take a look at the following link which describes the resources that we have.

Advocacy for Libraries

Help us protect our Libraries. This website was put together by NYLA (New York Library Association). Libraries have been cut for the fifth time in two years, take a look at this website and see why libraries are essential. Take a minute to sign the petition and tell legislators how important libraries are.

Job Loss workshop

The Job Information of the Central Library is having a workshop on getting through Job Loss. You can register by going to our webpage and clicking on the Events page and selecting the date and the event.


 Resiliency is a choice, and can be learned. Participants in the Job Loss: Transitioning with Resiliency workshop will learn the 3 phases of transition and their impact upon the job loss/job-search experience. We will self- assess our own resiliency strengths and areas of challenge. Learning an effective problem-solving process and the opportunity to create an action plan with new options unique to one’s own job search will be just some of the valuable takeaways from this workshop.

This workshop will be facilitated by Michelle Atlas, President of Michelle Atlas Consulting. Michelle is a Resiliency Facilitator and a Workforce Development Professional with extensive experience providing training on a broad range of employment related topics.