web site

Are you looking to find information about recalled products? Check out the following  website at  http://www.recalls.gov/.  This is a website which allows you to search for U.S. government recalls sponsored by six governmental agencies. You can search for recalls on consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics and environmental  products.  You can also even receive e-mails about recalls from one or all of the agencies.


The site http://www.adhub.com/ looks like a great source for advertising. It is a directory for the advertising industry in New York state.  It has an index and you can even search by Region and county.  It even has a section on Industry news. Take  a look when you get the chance.

Tax Forms

There are only a couple weeks left to go before income taxes are due.  The Business and Social Sciences Division has tax forms available. You can also get the federal forms from the IRS website at http://www.irs.gov/  and the state forms from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website at http://www.tax.state.ny.us/.  These sites are fairly user friendly especially if you know the form that you need.