We have a database here in the library for library use only; it is called the BNA Human Resources Library.  It has a variety of different topics everything to information about benefits to work rules and employee conduct. It also has forms, notices and posters.  Check it out when you have the time.



We have resources here in Business & Social Sciences about citizenship. We have books about becoming a U. S. Citizen and the process, as well as the guide to help you pass the U.S. Citizenship exam.  The guides are even available in Spanish.


We have a database called Country Watch. It is a database that must be used here in the library. It is a database which has information about various countries. It provides up to date news on each of the recognized countries of the world. The other day I used it to help provide information to student about business etiquette in other countries.  It also gives information about each country’s politics, government, environment and culture. Come in the library and check it out !