Researching Grants

Several times in the past month, when a Business & Social Sciences librarian answers the reference desk phone, a recorded voice enthusiastically announces that “billions of dollars” of government grants are available “women and minorities” to start businesses and pay bills. What a scam!

The Business of ripping off consumers with claims of “guaranteed” grant money is thriving. There are so many con-artists trying to trick people into paying for information about grants, that it is no suprise that people come to the library with questions about the “free money” that they have heard is available.

Did You know that the Business & Social Sciences Division houses the largest grants information collection available to the public in Rochester? We have the information you need, and it is really free.

Most grants are for non-profit organizations, not for individuals. If you need to find out about government benefits for individuals, go to To find out more about the Grants Information Center, go to




Stimulus payment schedule

Many of you who have not received your stimulus payment from the government may be wondering when you will receive it. The IRS has posted a schedule on their website. The schedule is based on the last two digits of your social security number.  Here is the information from the web site.,,id=180250,00.html


We  are offering a workshop for Small Business owners. The details are provided below.

Date/Time:  Tuesday June 10, 2008: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Place: Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County: Kate Gleason Auditorium, 115 South Avenue, 428-8130
Details: Positive cash flow for a small business = SURVIVAL! Negative cash flow results in small business owners in a cash crunch scrambling to come up with the cash to pay bills, make payroll, etc. Continued negative cash flow will result in the death of the business. For aspiring and current small business owners, Ralph Toscano of the SUNY Brockport Small Business Development Center will discuss the critical issues involved with managing cash flow to maintain a healthy small business. Call 585-428-8130 or register through our Events page.


There was an article in today’s paper that talked about a scholarship fund and the lack of applicants may force a widow to end the award in memory of the city educator. The Businesss & Social Sciences Division has scholarship books, that list scholarships that are available. We also have more specialized books that focus on scholarships for African Americans, women and other minorities. If you are interested in obtaining a scholarship for college, I encourage you to take a look at these books. The newer editions of these books are only for reference, but we do have older editions that can be checked out.